O2O Online to Offline in E-Commerce

O2O or online-to-offline is a relatively new term that’s been contested by some industry experts due to its prescriptiveness and the potential confusion. Despite that, O2O is an interesting area for both marketers and business to explore: how does the interrelationship between online and offline impact on our behaviour as consumers.

There’s no need to go into the discussion of how much the digital has penetrated into our lives – we know that nearly 50% of our customers find us on mobile, how many different applications we use on a daily basis and how much digital technology has transformed businesses already. A more interesting question is to what extent the businesses have managed to join up our digital (online) experiences with the offline world, e.g. shopping in supermarkets.

This is the question that Pierre Erfan, the Head of Account Management at Greenlight Power and an experienced e-commerce marketer, was looking at Outreach Digital event hosted in WeWork Spitafields co-working space.

Some of the key areas Pierre looked at were the way O2O impacts business at large and what it means to us, who create online experiences in e-commerce; how to create O2O experience, what the challenges are and what to consider when creating a customer journey.

If you missed his talk, check out the slides below for a quick recap:

As always, we had a great time learning from our guest speaker and our members continued networking well into the night. If you’d like to learn more about marketing, e-commerce or other digital subjects, come out to our next event – we’d love to meet you!