About Us

Outreach Digital (OD) is London’s and Europe’s largest meetup community for professionals in the digital & tech space. Founded in 2015 and counting 20,000 members, we have organized 300+ weekly talks, workshops, micro-conferences and business events to make knowledge and thought leadership more accessible to everyone regardless of their background.

We do some of the world’s top weekly events in digital as well as pro bono work for people or charities in need.

Our contributors include people from Amazon, Google, Sky, participants of “The Apprentice”, top academic authors like Dr. Dave Chaffey, startup founders, graduates and many more; we all participate in the spirit of charity and inclusiveness.

We are 100% volunteer- and community-run, and generate no revenue.

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Quick Facts:

Community Profile
– Young & fast-growing, founded in 2015
– 20,000 digital professionals
– 300+ events on multiple digital topics
– Workshops, projects, competitions
– Mentoring sessions & charity projects

How We Work
– 100% during our free time
– Lots of socials & networking
– Zero budget, zero revenue (100% free!)
Literally, only our goodwill!

Free workshops, mentoring and talks on:
– Digital Marketing
– Product Management
– UX & Design
– Data Science & Analytics
– E-Mail Marketing Strategy
– Web Development