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Full List of Past Events

Beginner Level
– Intro to Agile Development
– Intro to HTML & CSS
– Intro to Python
– Social Media Marketing with Hootsuite
– Social Media for Customer Acquisition
– Intro to Inbound Marketing with Hubspot
– 3D Printing
– Intro to Sales & Business Development
– Intro to Data-Driven Marketing
– Basics of Product Management

General Level
– Data Analysis with R
– Intermediate PPC Skills
– Social Media: Paid vs Organic
– UX Usability Testing & Human-Centred Design
– E-mail Marketing Strategies
– Content Optimisation
– Cyber Security 101
– Sales Training Workshops
– How to Start-Up in New York
– Marketing on Amazon
– Digital Lead Generation
– SEO Keyword Research
– Preparing your Analytics

Advanced Level
– SEO for E-Commerce Product Categorisation
– SEO Quality Factors
– Graphic Design Techniques with Photoshop

Collaborative Workshops, MBA-Style Competitions, Conferences
– The Growth Hacking Conference 2015 (with MailJet)
– The Pro Bono Marketing Hackathon Week
– Digital Case Competition: SEO
– Digital Case Competition: E-mail Marketing
– Digital Case Competition: Crowdfunding