Frequently Asked Questions

For New Guests, Community Members & Partners of Outreach Digital (“OD”)


  1. Why do you do all this for free?

Because the world doesn’t run on self-interest alone and we want as many people as possible to understand the digital universe with all its nuances regardless of their economic, cultural or social background. Obviously, many of us do get something in return in the long run in terms of free professional training, extensive networking and plenty of career opportunities – and we have fun!
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  1. Who runs OD?

Digital professionals and enthusiasts. Mostly mid- to senior-level professionals from internet companies like Google, Amazon, TripAdvisor, top agencies like Havas Media and Saatchi & Saatchi, as well as other smaller to medium companies and start-ups. We also have some students and professors. Anyone is welcome to join, speak and contribute to our community.
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  1. Why do you postpone event dates?

It’s entirely up to each individual speaker. We have a very large number of people requesting to speak, so it’s natural that some get ill or have an urgent matter in the last minute. Over the months we have put a lot of effort to be stricter about this and find replacement speakers and venues on time.


  1. Why did you postpone an event but didn’t tell me?

We did. Meetup.com automatically sends you an e-mail if there are date or venue changes; if you don’t get these e-mail alerts, you may have switched them off in your settings. Please re-activate them here: http://www.meetup.com/account/comm/Digital/


  1. What if I don’t read my e-mails?

Too bad : )


  1. Why do you have two Twitter accounts, and some events require registering on LinkedIn, and some events have no description, etc. and other totally crazy inconsistent stuff?!

Most of our team members are marketers and analysts – so we love to experiment, A/B-test, try out new methods and constantly improve. We often find out that crazy stuff actually works better! : )


  1. I don’t want to have pictures and videos taken of me. Can you remove them?

Sure – we have great Photoshop experts at your service!


  1. Who is your typical audience?

We have no typical audience. The mix of guests varies from event to event. Depending on the focus and level of a specific workshop, we attract different levels of seniority from junior to C-level, people from business, academia, charity and government, and some start-ups and self-employed people.


  1. Where are you located?

We have no fixed address being a community; our events take place in multiple locations throughout London provided to us for free by the general public and partner organizations. Most are held in Wapping or Soho. Our team meetings and some projects are held in a café at South Bank Centre, Europe’s largest arts & entertainment space.


  1. What does “pro bono” mean?

From Latin pro bono publico (for the public good) – it means doing professional work voluntarily. Unlike “one-off volunteering” e.g. fundraising events, ice bucket challenges, helping homeless people once a year during Christmas, etc. pro bono means using specific professional skills and offering some sort of a regular service. It is a very big tradition in the legal industry and many top lawyers advance in their careers by doing pro bono work. OD was originally inspired by this crucial element of the legal profession and aims at mirroring the impact it creates.
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  1. What kind of organization is OD exactly?

In simplest terms, a professional community; in legal terms, an unincorporated association charity. We have no employees, no property and no budget. Only volunteers guided by a highly determined, ambitious and committed leadership team.


  1. How can I join the team?

Please send us an e-mail with your CV and explain with as much detail as possible how you would like to help: outreachdigital.team@gmail.com. You may also attend our monthly team meetings to join directly.
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  1. I would like to help out but I don’t know what I could do. How can I help?

You could either speak at our events about something you enjoy, and/or join our team. To join our team you should have a basic idea of how we operate and that might give you a clearer picture of where you can best fit in. Feel free to join our monthly team meetings.
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  1. Becoming part of the team sounds very committing. Can I just help on and off?

Yes, if there is anything specific you would like to contribute or a proposal you have just get in touch with as much detail as possible. We will evaluate on a case-by-case basis. We will appreciate if you could write it by following the S.M.A.R.T. principle, i.e. Specific. Measurable. Achievable. Relevant. Time-bound. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SMART_criteria)
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  1. May I advertise my business or services on your Meetup or website?

We are a learning community – not a marketplace or classified ads page. However, we may partner with organizations who directly provide an integrated benefit or feature to our community and in return we are happy to give some kind of exposure.
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  1. I am willing to give free goodies in exchange of putting my brand logo next to your title. Will this work?

We are a non-commercial and voluntary organization and as such we cannot formulate our partnerships on commercial terms. We are happy to provide some kind of exposure as we may deem suitable to the appearance of the community.
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  1. What kind of charities do you help?

Almost any, except political.
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  1. How exactly is OD different from other startup and tech groups?

First, we are not a startup-specific community although a good proportion of our members come from startups. We are also not tech-specific, but many things in digital obviously revolve around tech. Both startup and tech are part of the overall Outreach Digital community, but we represent all digital professionals and all digital-related topics. Non-startup professionals include those working in big corporations, government, academia and charity, as well as students. Other topics include general business and management science topics as well as career development skills.
Secondly, we are entirely free and non-profit.


  1. Why should I come to OD instead of another Meetup group?

That’s up to you. But generally speaking, because we are friendlier, warmer, much more inclusive and really diverse in terms of the sub-fields we cover. Moreover, we are a community and there is no business behind this trying to sell you anything. We have more of a university atmosphere!


  1. At what time do your events start?

This varies from event to event and we also like to warm up the crowd with some networking, drinks and food – we really want to build a sense of community at Outreach Digital, especially between regular members and new guests. We invite you to take part in this shared atmosphere instead of just coming for the speaker.


  1. Why does your Meetup say there will be 200 guests, but there are in fact only 150?

Since our events are open door and free, we don’t always have 100% of all signed up people actually show up, and we honestly see no issue with that. Though seriously : )  are you attending a workshop only to network with 200 people? Or because you want to learn something new and discuss about it with people who actually care?


  1. Why do you delete comments on your Meetup pages?

Comments on our Meetup pages get automatically e-mailed to all members so we want to avoid spamming them with too many notifications. We reserve the comments space only for important event announcements and changes.

After an event, we appreciate feedback but will remove any comments with external links, as well as confrontational or clearly nit-picky comments. We are neither a classifieds marketplace nor do we have time to support an online discussion forum. We welcome feedback as part of a balanced and constructive conversation.


Do you have any other questions? We are happy to answer. Feel free to e-mail us at outreachdigital.team@gmail.com