Volunteers Application Form

Outreach Digital (OD) is the largest digital/tech meetup community in London – and in Europe.

We are 100% volunteer-run. Every week we organize inspiring workshops, pro bono advice sessions, charity joint projects and super-fun inclusive socials. We help thousands of people learn, share and shape digital.

All our team members work at different companies, but still make time for Outreach Digital during their lunch breaks, evenings and weekends. We expect team members to attend and communicate regularly in order to fully understand the needs and opportunities of our growing community.


Basic Requirements
– I am a tireless team player who can juggle work, life and volunteering;
– I can manage (or help) setting up at least two events/workshops/sessions per month;
– I must be initially available for at least six months from my joining date;
– I must avoid any external scheduling clashes and flag any availability issues;
– I must be free every 1st Tuesday of every month, 7:30 PM, for our team meetings;


Ideal Candidates
– I never leave my teammates in the dark: I always respond and communicate;
– I am a proactive self-starter: I will find out what’s necessary to get things done;
– I can continuously support, manage and/or grow one of our functional areas;
– I have vision to plan ahead and to help the group expand over the next 1-3 years;



  • Step 1: Fill out and submit the application form below.
  • Step 2: Attend one of our upcoming Organizers Meetings to introduce yourself to the team; the meetings take place every 1st Tuesday of every month unless a major scheduled event happens on the same date. Please double check on our Meetup event list: https://www.meetup.com/Digital/

    You must attend an organizer meeting and meet us in person in order to complete the application process!

Before submitting your application, please make 100% sure you understood the above Basic Requirements. If you cannot meet them, you can still help by
speaking at our events, supporting us as a partner organization or simply helping our team occasionally. If you think you can help us in some other way, or have any questions, please get in touch at outreachdigital.team@gmail.com

Please provide as much detail as possible