UX and Behavioural Psychology

Design is a tricky business. The things we design have to compel the eye: serving the purpose and understanding how to achieve this goal requires some knowledge of your audience and in particular, understanding how they think.

Whilst each company will have a different target audience with different needs and pain points, there are some universal things that apply to all of us as human beings. This is what Ekaterina Solomeina explored last week during her presentation on UX and Behavioural Psychology.

If you’re interested in finding out how people make choices and how simple design elements impact our decision making, behaviour and perceptions, view the slides below:

Some interesting thoughts from our event’s Twitter feed:

 Pirates are the hardcore doers who will power your team:   Turns out you also need pirates in your team to push #innovation @outreachdigit @FLondonAcademy pic.twitter.com/hiPtEMOTdq — Kristina Donauskyte (@Dvidesimtrys) April 13, 2016 Also, you need some brains…   Happiness is very important to be creative:

    Avoid assumptions in your work:


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Finally, we just had to take a selfie with Ekaterina 🙂