Our Objectives

Official Mission Statement

“We are a global pro-bono community of digital professionals & enthusiasts connecting curious minds at free local events; we create an inclusive space to spread cross-industry education as well as cultivate career and personal growth.

Driven by the belief that sharing will reward everyone, we seek to reach out to and help every part of society by producing the world’s greatest live events for people working in internet, tech, marketing, analytics and development who want to make a difference.”
Objectives Summary
Outreach Digital (OD) is an entirely volunteer-run unincorporated association with charitable aims in England & Wales law. We use no budget nor revenue, and only subsist on the time, efforts and ideas of volunteers and community members like you.

We arrange live events, workshops, talks and projects to spread industry education across society at large. Venues and speakers are made available for free by partners and organisations from the community and the general public. All volunteers, guests and partners participate at their own risk and take full personal responsibility as such.

OD is areal life” community group and we are:
– Not a business, trade body or any other commercial entity
– Not a corporate charity (we have no employees, no property, and no budget)
– Not a political organisation (we pursue no political ideology)
– Not an online community (we use online platforms only to support our activities)

We are legally identical to:
– A professional association
– A student society
– A sport/hobby club