Pro Bono Work

Outreach Digital (OD) is first and foremost a pro bono volunteer-run community. In addition to our great digital marketing and technology events, we also create or collaborate on social impact projects to directly support the disadvantaged and other charitable causes.

We partner with other charities, NGOs and socially oriented organisations or start such projects on our own initiative.

What does “pro bono” mean?
From Latin pro bono publico (“for the public good”) – it means doing professional work voluntarily. Unlike “one-off volunteering” e.g. fundraising events, ice bucket challenges, helping homeless people once a year during Christmas, etc. pro bono means using specific professional skills and offering some sort of a regular service. It is a very big tradition in the legal industry and many top lawyers and law firms are rated by the amount and quality of pro bono work they do. OD was originally inspired by this crucial element of the legal profession and aims at mirroring the impact it creates.

Current projects or cooperations:
– Growth Hacking a Mental Healthcare Foundation (affiliated with an Oxford University research center)
– LonDIN, London Digital Inclusion Network
– MyRefuge, the AiBnB for refugees

If you are a charitable organisation, non-profit or social enterprise and think we could cooperate, simply get in touch with us – write to

If you are interested in volunteering specifically on our events organizing or marketing teams, check how to join us, or please check our  or Meetup community page for upcoming event dates.