Terms & Conditions

Nobody loves long terms and conditions novels so we have summarized our basic rules here. By participating in any Outreach Digital activity you accept and agree with these rules.

You may find more answers to your questions on our FAQ page, or request more information such as our full governing documents by contacting our team at outreachdigital.team@gmail.com


Our Legal Structure

Outreach Digital (OD) is a pro bono volunteer-run unincorporated association in England & Wales law and pursues the charitable object of advancing education in the digital technologies and industry skills. We use no budget nor revenue, and only subsist on the time, efforts and ideas of volunteers and community members like you.

We arrange free live events, workshops, talks and projects to spread industry education across society at large. Venues and speakers are made available for free by partners and organizations from the community and the general public. All guests, volunteers and partners participate in OD’s cause and all its activities at their own risk and take full personal responsibility as such.


Our Events

All our events (workshops, meetups, projects, etc.) are organized by pro bono volunteers during their free-time, after working hours, and at venues that offer to host us for free. But because we are no business nor is this our occupation, we kindly ask all participants to acknowledge the simplicity and limits of our initiative; despite our best efforts and achievements to date, we are in no way liable for any risk, damage or disappointment that may result from our activities.

Due to the voluntary nature of our organization, contributors and venues, event dates and details may change with short notice. It is your responsibility to check the date and time before arriving, and to enable automatic group notifications on your Meetup profile settings so you are always notified of any changes:  http://www.meetup.com/account/comm/Digital/

Pictures and video may be taken to promote our activities on Meetup and other online media. If you wish to be censored for any reason, kindly inform the event organizer.


Our Website

Like all modern websites we use cookies to figure out how to improve ourselves and create a better experience for you.


If you need any further information please check our FAQ page or get in touch with our team at outreachdigital.team@gmail.com